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Jeff Knotts Owner of JB's Guide Service fishes for Walleye from Boardman to the Tri-Cities from March through early September. Jeff's 30+ years of experience fishing the Columbia Basin and surrounding fisheries gives you a great chance for the best possible fishing trip. In addition to targeting on Walleye, Jeff fishes Spring Salmon and Hanford Reach Fall Chinook, Steelhead, Sturgeon, Spring Smallmouth Bass and Shad. CALL TODAY (509) 366-4052. Visit our website:
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Walleye Bait Secret Sauce
By Andrew Martinsen
I thought you’d like to read this special report.
This is an ultra-secret sauce that is the result of a
lot of testing and tweaking.
It’s a simple and easy ingredient mix to put
together, and best of all it lets you catch walleyes
The Recipe:
One Tablespoon, Garlic Powder
One Teaspoon, Ground Parsley
One Cup, Vegetable Oil
1/2 Teaspoon, Salt
Mix the ingredients together in a small container.
This recipe works best with live minnows. Dip the
minnow into the sauce for one minute before
throwing out your line.
NOTE: The recipe will make the minnow extremely
sluggish. And since the smell of it makes ME
hungry, why would a walleye like it? It truly is a
mystery as to why this secret recipe works – those
of us who use it religiously only know that it does.
Like so many things in walleye fishing, you can
often be astonished at the level to which your
success can skyrocket when you hit the water with
a dramatically different approach than that taken by
everybody else. Try it for yourself and see…
Best of all, this bait recipe is simple to put together
at the last minute before you head out the door to
do some fishin’.
To catching the BIG ones,
Andrew Martinsen
PS I really think you’re gonna be amazed when
you try this bait recipe out.
It’s just one of thousands of secrets that are
revealed in Walleye Fishing Secrets, the
multimedia guide that has changed the way
walleye anglers like you and me will fish forever.


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